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Kaisen Recycling Corporation in

Kaisen Recycling Corporation
Kaisen Recycling Corporation
Kaisen Recycling Corporation was born to answer the global need of recyclables materials aiming to achieve requirements of our final customers. Quality and timing is parts of our corporation main goals. Those are directed to the optimal operation of the consuming companies. Kaisen Recycling Corporation has efficient internal processes endorsed by reliable and enabled personnel in the operation of international trade of recyclables materials allowing us to fulfil our mission. Our Company counts with scrap yard located in Dominican republic in which sorting, selection and preparation occurs before them are distributed to all corners of the planet. Additionally we counted on a trading and market development centre in Cananda from where we develop commercial work, searching of new sources of materials and new destination markets.

Kaisen Recycling Corporation
Coquitlam British Columbia

Contact : Gamal Max
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