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CNA Metals (Asia) Ltd. in

CNA Metals (Asia) Ltd.
CNA Metals Group is a group of international trading companies which specialize in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals as well as paper and plastics. We import and export materials all around the world through offices in different continents. We are glad to inform you that our new branch CNA Metals (Asia) Ltd. has been established in Hong Kong in August which will be responsible all matters in Asia. We have different variety of scrap metals in our portfolio, namely, Red Metals, Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Stainless Steel , Ferrous as well as different kinds of paper scrap and plastic. We source from and sell to over 50 countries worldwide which made our company reputed and prestigious over the world. We hope to build up business relationship with you with our wide portfolio of materials. We also provide logistic service, customs clearance, as well as inspection certificates to the products so that you can have faith in us and our products.

CNA Metals (Asia) Ltd.
Kln Bay Guangdong
Hong Kong

Contact : Hubert Chan
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