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Kirkby's Recycling in

Kirkby's Recycling
We collect all types of metal products, in working order or not in working order, Barbeques, Lawn mowers, Tractors, Motor cycles, ATV'S , Metal boats , Trailers, Outboard motors and parts, Tire rims (NO TIRES), Cars (towable with air in tires), Metal car parts, Batteries, Bicycles, Wiring (extension cords, house wiring), pop cans, Pots and pans, TV'S/VCRs/DVD players, Computers and parts, Musical Instruments, guitars, keyboards. (No Big Pianos or big organs), Metal tables & chairs, Metal office desks, Metal filing cabinets, Tools, (hand or electrical), Electric motors, Metal bed frames, Plumbing items [Metal tubing (steel or copper), Taps, Traps, & fixtures, water tanks], Heating, (ducts, furnaces, air conditioners, air exchange units, cast iron pipe or rads), Metal bath tubs & sinks, Air conditioners (window or portable), Microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, grills, fryers, radiators, ovens, Golf clubs, Aluminum siding & soffits, metal doors & windows (steel and aluminum), Metal ducts, Metal pipes (steel, Aluminum, copper), Structural steel, Metal tanks (empty), Metal fencing, Etc. If its Metal we take it.

Kirkby's Recycling
Prescott Ontario

Contact : James Kirkby
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