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Angels Of Life Investment Trading (Pty) Ltd in

Angels Of Life Investment Trading (Pty) Ltd
Our planet’s resources are valuable, and too valuable to be used just once. By giving them more than one life we not only saving energy, but we preserve our environment. The world’s waste stream is a source that can be tapped by recycling instead of digging and mining. This means fewer greenhouse gases and fewer pollutants to air and water, recycling is essential and is driven by economic necessity, which is associated with environmental benefits being useful and positive by-products. The incentives for recycling waste, including plastic, paper and metal materials are their economic value. Developing country like South Africa, businesses in the formal sector are experimenting with models that leverage the strengths of the informal sector in order to streamline their supply chains. Angels of Life Recycling system is established to attain to areas where recycling activities does not take place. The company is established by a team of small scale post-consumer scrap metal collectors. The company is responding to the needs for plastic, paper, steel, tin and aluminium producers to increase recycled waste materials in their products, Angels of Life Recycling system is a very significant collector and handler of recyclable post-consumer waste materials with an urban and rural presence, has uncovered an economic opportunity through outsourcing its supply chain of recovered materials in the industry term for plastic, paper, steel, tin and aluminium waste materials. The company intend to recover all recoverable waste resources which abandoned in untapped areas, these rural and urban areas, Further down the value chain, with direct and indirect benefits for communities and people in the form of employment, clean environment, and awareness campaign. The company was formed in January 2013 with personal funds.

Angels Of Life Investment Trading (Pty) Ltd
Nelspruit Mpumalanga
South Africa

Contact : Walter Kgalane
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