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Set Metal Recycling Inc. in

Set Metal Recycling Inc.
Set Metal Recycling Inc.

1) We are trader and processor of non-ferrous metal scrap, looking for the following scrap metal with prompt payment.

  • Non-ferrous scrap Al, cu, brass, bronze, stainless.
  • Mixed metal scrap transformer cores, ballast, starter, alternator, electric motor, radiators
  • All kinds of cable underground, copper, aluminum, lead, telecommunication cables
  • Electronic scrap telephone exchange relays, computer scrap, mixed electronic disassembly scrap, military scrap

We are also buying big quantity of telecommunication exchangers, electronic motor scrap, industrial scrap.

2) We are also specializing in metal recovery

  • Telecommunication relays scrap, telephone scrap
  • Electronic scrap, computer mainframes scrap, PC boards
  • Scrap integrated circuits, scrap cobalt, breakage scrap
  • Cable scrap, transformer cores windings w/o casing
  • Motors scrap, fragmentized metallic scrap.

Set Metal Recycling Inc.
Kaoshiung Taiwan

Contact : Jim Yang
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